Servant Leaders



Jimmy Aviles

Is making a difference in the lives of middle-school-aged teens, working as a tutor for AVID while he pursues his education.

He is an eloquent speaker and debater. His greatest quality as a teacher lies in the fact that he does not sway from the truth, even contrary to popular opinions.


Thea Mae Beltran

Is among the youngest servants of the ministry.

She is involved in multiple extracurricular activities and aims to grow in the knowledge of the love of Christ.



Jonathan Benjamin

Is finishing up his Bachelor’s Degree in Business at the California Baptist University.

Jon has the ability to take anyone under his wing and build them up in the faith. He is an eloquent speaker, debater and teacher.



Jericha Mae Viduya

Studies at The University of California in Riverside, pursuing Medical school.

She is focused on building relationships between the ministry of Undivided and the community. She has great abilities in effectively sharing the gospel.


jarahAyana Jarah Viduya

Studies at the University of California in Riverside, pursuing Pharmacy. She also works with Americorps, usually tutoring school-aged children.

She possesses the gift of encouragement. Jarah builds strong relationships and has a passion for reaching out to the community and bringing them the good news of the gospel.

Zhailah Rosalie Graza

Is a recent high school graduate and will be pursuing medical school.

While she is timid and poetically observant, her artistic gifts and abilities allows us to effectively catch the attention of our audiences. She has a great heart for passionate worship.



John “Nash” Quintans

Works at Loma Linda Murrietta as a Telemetry technician, and a Patient Care technician on occasion.

He has a shepherding heart and constantly pursues personal holiness. He has carries with him a true burden for the lost.


Michael Quintans

Works as a dialysis technician for a reputable dialysis center.

His strengths lie in serving as a liaison and advocate for people and this ministry. He easily charms his way through even the most reserved of people.

Krista Marie Flores

Has pursued a career in nursing with Riverside Community Hospital.

Her strengths lie greatly in her approach-ability. She is a great manager and encourages individuals of the group often, not neglecting to graciously keep people in check– as it is often needed.

Rachel Marie Bacaling (Secretary)

Teaches kindergarten and manages a non-profit after school program for school-aged kids.

Her passion is in discipling young girls and leading them towards an ardently zealous relationship with the Lord. She’s often jotting down notes in a handy journal, a napkin– or more often than not, the back of her hands.