Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. (1 Corinthians 16:13)


Resolved Men’s Ministry exists to produce Christ-like men who give their lives to be leaders in the Church, the home, and the community. We need each other, we were never meant to live this Christian life alone. Join us as we build each other up, study God’s Word, remind each other of the forgiveness we have been given, and grow to be the men that God has called and empowered us to be.



Discipleship and Equipping (Fridays 6:30pm-9pm) - Riverside (Jerome Viduya's House)

Monthly Breakfast and Fellowship (see events and calendar)



Faithful to attend. Are you willing to wake up early and show up? Availability varies during different seasons of life and not all who would like to attend are able, yet for those who are able, faithfulness begins with attendance.

Faithful to engage. Are you willing to pursue relationships with other men? Discipleship and Equipping is an on-ramp for discipleship relatioships, a right view of the instruction provided on Friday evenings should include seeing it as an aid to your faithful involvement in the lives of other men.

Faithful to respond. Are you willing to think critically about what you are taught and, by the Lord's grace, pursue change where needed? Throughout Discipleship and Equipping there are countless opportunities to demonstrate faithfulness with what you are being entrusted with. These opportunities range from the completion of homework to cultivating heart change.